Sumin Do took the boyfriend she’d met on Tinder, Tim O’Sullivan, back home to South Korea for the local version of Thanksgiving, Chuseok, in 2018. Well briefed, Tim bowed twice at her tiny grandmother’s feet, receiving rapturous applause from Sumin’s extended family. And so began a fortnight of feasting, drinking and sleeping as the new couple caught up with all of Sumin’s family and friends … paying the painful price of overindulgence each morning.

Until late one night, between venues, they stopped at a convenience store. Tim would grab a beer from the fridge and turn around to see everyone drinking this nice, clean, normal fruit juice. He thought it was extremely strange. It was Korean pear juice

With the discovery of the Korean Pear….The juice of the Korean pear was not marketed as an alcohol antidote in Korea, but as far as Tim could tell, it was a folk wisdom passed down the generations. Following some research, it turned out the DHM acted on key enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), to speed up alcohol metabolism and inhibit alcohol absorption.

Returning to Melbourne, he was quick to tell his best mate, Liam Gostencnik, of his find.They found some of the juice at a Korean supermarket and bought a case. Tim started giving it to café customers on a Friday morning getting them to try it before they had their first drink at night. The results were positive and so Tim , Sumin and Liam decided to have a crack at finding a producer in Korea, which they did!

Fast forward the years and Bae Juice is available Australia wide, most notably in Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s & BWS. They have recently taken their product over to the USA, where they have launched their retail strategy in New York and are available nationwide via Amazon and their website. There is further expansion on the cards…

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