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How does
it help?+

Bae literally translates to ‘pear’ in Korean, and that’s all Bae Juice is—100% Korean pear juice. The Korean pear is a super-food, and lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, is high in fibre and antioxidants and fill to the brim with micronutrients!

When do
I drink it?+

For max results, wrap your lips around Bae before you wrap them around an alcoholic bevvy. It should be the first thing you drink on a night out, and the first thing you thank in the morning.

Where does it
come from?+

Bae Juice is sourced, squeezed and packaged in Naju, South Korea, and brought all the way down under into your hot little hands.

Bae before you play.

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Bae before you play.

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