Bae Juice launches into 241 Dan Murphy's and 400 BWS stores.

Following the success of Bae Juice's recent 987 Woolworths deal the 2 year old company has just launched into 241 Dan Murphy's and 400 BWS stores across Australia. 

Co-Founder Tim O'Sullivan stated "Having Dan Murphy's and BWS back our product is extremely exciting, we have wanted to work with these large retailers since day 1" 

This takes the distribution to over 1700 stores nationwide, incredible for the small team who was in 60 stores less than 12 months ago. 

Co-Founder Liam Gostencnik said “We have adjusted our focus over the last 12 months to really focus on retail to make sure our product is as accessible as possible for our growing loyal customer base.”

The team plans to be in 2500 stores by the end of 2021 with the brand exploring international partnerships. 

To find your nearest stores head to: